Ewelina Twardoch – Abstract

“Oneiric communication” as a way of constructing one’s identity. Around Richard Kwietniowski’s Flames of Passion

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The aim of the paper is to introduce the issue of process of communication and the problem of onirism in the Ryszard Kwietniowski’s short movie Flames of passion from 1989. Richard Kwietniowski is the British movie director, but his family come from Poland. “Flames of passion” is one of his short movies, inspired by not so well-known silent movie with the same title from 1922, directed also by British director, Graham Cutts and by Provencal lyric.

In the paper is considered the possibility of existing the process of communication between movie’s subjects – the mysterious main characters of the film. Communication act is understood not as established process of transmitting the information/statement, but – following the thesis of Tomas Goban-Klas – as a game between the subjects. Onirism is in the paper introduced in the context of psychoanalytical interpretation of the subject and identity (Freud, Lacan), and the vision of dreams, and such understanding allows the author to create the category of unconscious/oneiric communication. The paper considers the place and role of the subject in such kind of communication and how it influences and determines the process of individual’s identity creating. Onirism is therefore understood in the analysis not only as a surrealistic, dreamy reality, but first of all as a state of mind. What is more, in the paper is considered the epistemological potential of photography, which in the movie is a trigger to communicate. The author takes into consideration also another important factor of communication – narcissistic paradigm which creates the moment of characters’ meting and understanding.

In reference to the movie it is rather better to talk about the deformation of traditional communication, than about communication itself (it is the conclusion of the paper). Such kind of communication is also confirmed by particular movie technique – montage, shots, etc.

communication, onirism, Richard Kwietniowski, photography, psychoanalysis, narcissism