Marcelo Mari – Abstract

International informalism versus Latin American constructivism (1950-1965)

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Studies in Visual Arts and Communication – an international journal / Dec 2015 2(2)


In 1959 and 1960, during the inauguration of Brasília, Brazil, various initiatives were made to discuss the meaning and impact of Brazilian constructive art in the world. This was a period when Brazil seemed to offer an alternative to abstract expressionism and subjectivist tendencies of international contemporary art, under the influence is increasingly visible in New York rather than Paris. Among these initiatives which accompanied the construction of Brasilia’s advertising abroad, with the commitment of Mário Pedrosa, an extraordinary Congress of AICA in Brazil to discuss the founding of the new Capital and also was organized, by means of bilateral action between Brazil and Germany (GDR), exhibition of contemporary collection of the Museum of Modern art of Rio de Janeiro (MAM-RJ). It was the first time that promoted Conference of Brazilian artists in Europe. After having passed through Vienna and Munich, in Leverkusen, the exhibition named Brasilianische kunst der gegenwart, occurred in the Museum Schloss Morsbroich Leverkusen, State, between November 27, 1959 and January 10, 1960. The debate between Mário Pedrosa and European critic happened in that time.

Keywords: Mário Pedrosa, Latin American constructivism, Informalism, art criticism

Biographical note

Marcelo Mari, PhD – Professor da Universidade de Brasília, Brazil