Vol 9(2), Dec 2022

Studies in Visual Arts and Communication – an international journal

“Studies in Visual Arts and Communication – an international journal”

Volume 9 – Nr 2, 2022

Table of Contents

Dec 2022; 9(2)

1. Sarah Muscalu

The dissolution of boundaries between artistic mediums. Perspectives on the post-medium relationship between photography and paintings
Studies in Visual Arts and Communication – an international journal / Dec 2022 9(2)

Our current condition in a period of cultural, artistic, media hybridization as a consequence of social, political, cultural, technological changes, propose the need to question how artistic practices are responsive to inherent discursive transformations. Thus, the subject of the actual situation of the artistic medium investigation concerned with the two-dimensional representation, specifically the relationship between photography and painting, constitutes the main area of interest of this paper. A series of reference texts by authors and theorists such as Rosalind Krauss, George Baker, Douglas Eyman, Hal Foster and others are revisited with reference to the contribution of their approach for examining the evolution of post-mediality and the contemporary understanding of the process of despecification and dematerialization of artistic mediums. These topics form the basis of a series of arguments presented in the current paper.

Keywords: contemporary art, post-medium, artistic mediums, photography, painting, media translation, image, hybridization, dissolution..

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